Hunta Overcomer represents
a new class of all-purpose vehicles!

Overcomer design allows it to float on water, cross marshland, move in open and frozen waters. Floatation is carried out by means of wheel rotation; engine-driven screw-propeller can be mounted on the off-road vehicle as well. Water speed with a screw-propeller reaches 8 km / hour. Change of direction is carried out with the help of front wheels.


BEL-192 pneumatic low pressure tires (1400х750-610) manufactured by “Belshina” are specially developed for HUNTA Overcomer. The tires have been tested under the toughest operating conditions:

  • In dry marshy forests;
  • On thin ice;
  • On stumps and snags.

Tire design and characteristics provide high maneuverability and buoyancy. Such tires do not damage topsoil due to low ground pressure (0.15 kg / cm2).


Off-road vehicle body is made of fiberglass and has a sandwich-like structure with internal foaming, which provides heat and sound insulation. The design and internal metallic inserts determine off-road vehicle body stiffness.


Hunters and foresters will appreciate a large roof hatch.

Units and Systems
Parameter Value
Engine power, kW (h.p.) diesel / diesel 70 (95)/87 (120)
Displacement, cm3 diesel / diesel 1929/1929
Maximum torque, Nm (rev / min) diesel / diesel 205 (2500)/291,0 (2800)
Maximum speed, km/h 70
Maximum gross vehicle weight, kg 3300
Maximum curb weight, kg 2300
Maximum load-carrying capacity, kg 1000
Maximum load-carrying capacity on water, kg 700
Maximum dimensions (L * W * H), mm 4500×2500×2650
Clearance, mm 660
Wheelbase, mm 3100
Minimum turning radius, m 12
Maximum climb angle, degree 40
Maximum obstacle height, m 0.6
Tire pressure, Bar 0.1 – 0.5
Maximum ground pressure, kg/ cm2 0.15
Number of seats 7
Maximum gross trailer weight, kg 1500
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in-line
Number of valves 8
Idling speed 750
Firing sequence 1-3-4-2
Glow / ignition plug Champion CH167
Maximum power, kW / hp (Rev / min) 66,2/95 (4200)
Maximum torque, Nm (rev / min) 195,0 (2500)
Engine management system
Weight, kg 150
Fuel consumed Diesel
  • CMD GN 199 AT diesel engine
  • Manual 5-speed
  • Low range transfer case and center differential lock
  • Limited slip axles
  • Hub reduction
  • 100 liter fuel tank
  • Tire inflation system
  • 1400х750-610 doughnut tires
  • Front winch
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Stereo system
  • Cabin heater
  • Flip roof hatch
  • Jack
  • Repair kit for rapid elimination of tire punctures
  • Combination wrench for wheels mounting
  • Additional 95 liter fuel tank
  • Screw propeller with screw propeller drive
  • Fuel path heater (diesel engine)
  • Standalone starting heater
  • Spotlights
  • Rear view camera
  • Railings
  • Power generator with welding function
  • Air conditioning
  • Independent cabin heater
  • Spare wheel
Transmission and clutch 5-speed manual gearbox + 1 reverse gear. Single-plate dry hydraulic operated clutch with a diaphragm compression spring.
Transfer case Transfer case with high and low gears and a center differential lock. Front and rear axles have a constant drive and are connected with center differential distributing torque between them depending on the resistance to wheel motion. Differential can be locked for passing ability increase, thus, leveling front and rear drive shafts rotation speed.
Shafts Front and rear axle with self-locking wheel differentials.
Final reduction assembly Final reduction assembly that represents pinion reduction gear designed to increase wheel torque is mounted on each wheel of the Overcomer.
Screw-propeller and screw-propeller drive In order to improve water obstacles overcoming ability, a screw-propeller driven by an off-road vehicle engine can be mounted on the vehicle. While floating on water surface a screw-propeller is lowered from transport to working position by means of a pneumatic actuator controlled from the cab.

An independent all wheel lever suspension on coil springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. Suspension levers are attached to the frame via bushings. Lever travel is limited by stop bumpers.


Off-road vehicle pneumatic system performs the following functions:

  • Parking brake control
  • Lifting and lowering a screw- propeller
  • Automated tire inflation system operation

Automated tire inflation system allows a driver to adjust tire pressure while staying in a cabin.

Pneumatic System

The system allows adjusting pressure in one or more selected tires simultaneously.

Due to tire pressure reduction, contact area with the surface enlarges, and thus pressure on the ground reduces, which increases passing ability on soft soils. High tire pressure is more suitable for movement on hard surfaces.


Tire pressure level is shown on a display. Within the operating range of 0.1 to 0.5 atmospheres wheels are displayed in green, otherwise – in red. It should be born in mind that excess tire pressure can lead to its destruction. By means of tire inflation system external air intake is also possible and is used for inflation of other vehicles tires or off-road vehicle tires with a damaged pneumatic pipe line leading to the wheel.


Off-road vehicle electric system is powered by an onboard power supply with a rated voltage of 12V DC. Electric system main parts are interconnected by means of system communication line including + 12V and 0V power rails, as well as three-wire interface CAN-bus, which provides data transmission on individual system parts state and the necessary control actions.


A display shows information needed to operate and maintain an off-road vehicle.

Main screen

Tire pressure

Light devices status


21213-3708010 KZATE 5722.3708 starters are mounted on an off-road vehicle engine. A starter is a permanent magnet excitation DC motor with an electromagnetic relay, planetary gear and a freewheel. A starter is operated at an ambient temperature of minus (50 + 3) C ° to plus (45 + 3) C ° and humidity of 90%.

Working voltage 12 В
Indicated power 1550 Вт
Weight 3,9 кг
Starting power 950 Вт

The off-road vehicle is equipped with 21214-3701010 alternator, whose specifications are enlisted in the table on the right. A generator shaft is driven by an engine crankshaft V-belt.

Working voltage 12 В
Indicated power 1550 Вт
Weight 3,9 кг
Starting power 950 Вт

Emergency start unit is required for starting an off-road vehicle engine when LCD display is not lit and electric system status does not allow the engine to run under normal conditions using ignition switch and controls. Emergency engine start is possible with the help of emergency start unit on condition of serviceability of a starter, engine and battery.



Due to a low power electric motor, electric power consumption is substantially reduced. The winch is equipped with a modern sealed solenoid unit, mechanical part of the winch and its motor are additionally protected from moisture, dirt and water.

The winch is also equipped with an ergonomic rubber wired remote control.

Parameter Unit of Measurement Value
Tractive force in the first winding layer lb/кг 8000 / 3630
Engine type Electric with winding series excitation
Engine power hp 5.5
Reduction gear 3-stage planetary
Transmission ratio 216:1
Brakes Automatic, friction (inside the drum)
Cable Steel
Cable diameter mm 8.3
Remote control Wired, length of 3.7m

Comfortable driving position prevents a driver from rapid fatigue; front passenger and driver seats can be adjusted closer / farther from the control panel, their backs can be tilted and necessary angle adjusted. Head restraints are also height-adjustable.


The off-road vehicle has two rows of seats: the first row contains a driver and passenger seat; the second – four passenger seats. Boarding to the second seat row is carried out through the front door with front seat backrests folded.

Backrests and a double rear seat cushion are removable, which allows increasing luggage department area, if necessary.



1 – side vents, 2 – windshield blowing vents, 3 – air temperature adjustment lever, 4 – heater valve position lever, 5 – lower deflectors.

Engine cooling system heat exchanger is used for passenger compartment heating; it passes through a heat exchanger and heats the air flowing through it. The amount of heat entering the passenger compartment is adjusted by a dashboard heater fan speed adjustment lever and heater temperature adjustment lever.

Outside air can flow into the cabin through air intake grilles on the plastic enclosure below windshield, as well as through doors sliding glass and a roof hatch.


1 – front panel storage compartment, 2- bottom compartment, 3- front door storage compartment, 4-side storage compartment under the rear seat, 5- compartment under the wheel arch.

The body provides storage compartments, which are located in the front panel, side doors, underbody (provide extra buoyancy), over rear wheel arches and under rear side seats.


Access to the luggage trunk is possible via off-road vehicle back door.

Given operation conditions, the floor in the luggage compartment is designed so that off-road vehicle interior cleaning could be produced by washing the floor from a hose, while water freely flows through the open back door.


Luggage compartment can be transformed into two beds with the help of rear seat backrests, if necessary.